Introducing the HIVE™ Microgrid

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The HIVE™ Microgrid for heavy use can efficiently control the energy flows between multiple sources of power generation, the energy storage component and the point of interconnection, from the DC protections and power conversion, to the grid-tie substation or electrical loads. The HIVE™ can be monitored and controlled remotely with integrated tools for fast closed loop controls, real-time supervision, and performance analysis of hybrid power system components including PV, DG, and energy storage.

The HIVE™ system is completely self-contained in standard ISO containers, and can be deployed into any location. Its modular design makes it easily scalable and integrate-able. With an optional renewable generator, the HIVE™ is an ideal solution for unlocking clean energy value in dormant corporate properties. It also gives companies the additional possibility of generating a renewable-energy certificate and entering into a synthetic/virtual power purchase agreement or virtual net-metering agreement. The mobility of the HIVE™ allows traveling enterprises or organizations with rotating sites, such as Sporting Events, Music Tours, or Movie/TV Productions to start offsetting their carbon footprint without making a permanent investment in immobile renewable energy.

The HIVE™ Microgrid is a unique hybrid power solution that can manage the load profile of unconventional sites.

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