The "P-72" Prototype

Portable Power Generation

- Portable backup power storage / generation

- All-in-one design creates a truly portable unit

- Enclosed components for water resistant storage

- Green power generation without noise or fumes

Innovative Design

- Innovative solution for all emergency situations

- Built-in impact resistant non-glass solar panels 

- Pre-charge with mains charging abilities

Multiple Unit Charging Ability

- Ideal for charging tablets, laptop computers and cell phones

- Provide emergency lighting and power 

- Power light tools, medical equipment and communications 

- Ability to charge multiple Items simultaniously

P-72 Prototype Specifications

Technical Specifications

Battery Type: Li Ion 600Wh, 50Ah (12v)

Max Continuous Discharge: 70A

Digital Voltage Display: Bi-directional / Color Display 

Power Output: 5A USB (x4), 12v AC (x2) 

Power Inverter: 400W / Dual 110v outlets

Charge controller: 10A, 12v Lithium Controller 

Length: 28.87”

Width: 16.77”

Thickness: 9.12”

Weight: 38.4 pounds

Case: Water / Impact Resistant Polypropylene

Solar Specifications

Pmax: 26W (x3)

VMP / IMP: 6.2v / 4.3A

Voc / ISC: 6.9v / 4.3A

Efficiency: 15.1%

Power Availability

Small Refrigerator: 10 hours

32” Television: 6 Hours

Electric Fan: 8 hours

10w LED Lamp: 60 hours

Power Drill: 2 hours

Laptop Charge: 5x

iPad Charge: 10x

iPhone Charge: 100x


Introducing the P-72 Off-Grid Solar Generator