PSESU 5000

Introducing The "Pegasus 5000"

The PSESU 5000 master control unit “coined” the “Pegasus-5000” is a 5000Wh Power Supply Electricity Saving Unit designed to supply up to 3KW of continuous AC power for multiple mining servers. The Pegasus platform incorporates an internal user programmable platform that allows for switchover between its internal lithium battery bank and the mains power supply. The Pegasus master control unit can simultaneously power 2 crypto miners and control up to 16 individual battery banks that can power up to 32 crypto mining servers. 

To take full advantage of the off-peak electricity pricing, programmable software allows the user to define specific times and dates that the unit can charge its internal batteries from the mains. Peak-shaving capabilities can save end users up to 30% on the cost of electricity while crypto mining. 

* The Pegasus 5000 can also be used as a portable power generator that can Store 5KWh of useable power to meet the demands of virtually any application.

PSESU 5000 Specifications

Capacity: 5KWh

Inverter AC Power: 3KW, 110V AC or 230V AC

Battery Bank: 2x 12.6V, 200Ah Lithium ion internal batteries

Charging system: Dual 10A, 12.6V internal lithium battery chargers.

Output: 2X IEC C13 Panel Mount Sockets for AC output.

Input: 1x IEC, C14 panel mount power inlet

Control: Proprietary internal circuitry with programmable software and USB control.

Dimensions: 24”x24”x15”

PSESU 5000X Future Specifications

Includes all the specifications of Pegasus 5000

In addition this unit will include:

- Internal lithium battery solar charge control system.

- Additional input connection for charging via solar